Hello everyone! These are the assignment bank projects I am doing this week. I first thought we had to submit an assignment on the actual website, but now I know to make a post about it. I then can tag it, and it will work. Okay now on with the show!

Assignment #1 – Room Tour! – Visual Assignment – Three Stars

Description: What’s in your room (or dorm)? Why did you design it that way? Would you change anything about it now? Make a collage of pictures from different areas of your room and give us the deets!

My Submission:

My residence hall room is not that big, but I am glad I am the only one that lives in it. I am an RA for a freshmen hall, so I get to experience a lot of things on the other side this time. I also have my own bathroom, which is very nice. This is my room:


Last year I lofted my bed to create space, and it was the struggle getting up and down it every day. Before I started RA training I did not change anything about my beds, but they took up too much room. I decided that I wanted to go old school, and I bunked my beds. I do not use the top bed, so I use the bottom one as a couch and my bed. I wanted to give my bed a more comfortable feel, so I put up lights on it, and I have pictures on the side of my bed. The pictures act as a covering. I had these elements in my room last year, so I wanted to have that there.


The next parts of my room are the desks. I separated them into my school/being serious desk, and my creative/RA work desk. I brought a lot of arts and crafts for my RA boards, so I am excited to have a place for them.  I guess I have a work desk and a play desk.

I have two closets that hold most of my clothes, and I have the quotes I wrote down last year. It was cool how that worked out. I also try to have as much purple as possible.

I have all my sets of photo booth pictures I have gotten from the past year. I do not have any other print pictures anymore, since they are all on the internet. I just settle for these.

I also have my kitchen area. That is where I keep all my food of course. I like having a snack box, and I like having food I can make when I cannot get food from other parts of campus.


I am most happy that I have a single bathroom. I am the only RA in my building that has a private bathroom. I even have a bath. I like how big it is. I do not have to worry about others. I also like doing my own cleaning, so it works out. I had hall bathrooms last year, so I am glad I have a change.

I do want to make it seem more homier. I want more updated pcitures of my family. They are all on my phone, so I would like that. I would love more taco related things. I already have a Love Tacos signs, and a Taco pencil case. I would also like to get a nicer mattress topper to make my bed comfy.

Thanks for reading!

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