June 24, 2016 | 8:02 p.m.

Pretty. We think of someone who has taken our breath away. I think of someone I am   intimidated to approach. Someone we see online that we never have met, but we see how effortless and beautiful they are. Generally we think of a face. Next, we can think of a landscape, a piece of art, a memory, a feeling, and maybe a combination of all of those things. The idea of someone or something being pretty can bring another effect when brought in a situation.

We all know a pretty girl. Even though I have only been technically an adult for only a year I have come to notice life can still be like high school. There is catiness and betrayal. You have a squad or group of friends. People are judgemental. There seems to be a pattern.

Everyone is beautiful to someone, but there are some people that are pretty to a lot of people.

People assume that pretty people think that they are better than everyone else. Usually they can be considered to be catty and mean. That is when someone’s looks becomes a part of their identity. If people assume and talk to him or her for how they think he/she acts, then would it not be that long until he/she becomes that person. This can be assumed in a more general sense with stereotypes.

People use the way other people look against them for others.

I think of this now because the use of the word “pretty” is associated with mostly other people describing it about you. It comes when an older person meets you in regards to being introduced. “Wow you are getting older and are so pretty” It seems like it is part of the greeting. I know an incident where my family member was judged on how she looks because these future family members knew nothing about her. They even wiped a kiss off their face when they greeted her. How horrible is that?! The perception of how they think someone is compared to how they actually are.

People who know their worth use it for themselves.

I used to think I could act more relatable with my coming-of-age story where I could use my many embarassing and awkward years to justify my thoughts, but in reality I did not have it as bad. I think I just did because I used to compare myself to the pretty pictures I saw of other people. I woulde see the popular kids in high school look great every single day, and I would assume they never had an awkward year. Even kids growing up now seem to have no awkward years. It seems unfair, but I play into it as well. With this mindset I used to think I was more aware and open on the dirty and real things happening in the world. I liked to think of myself as an underdog. I used to think I did not want to peak in high school, but these pretty people have thoughts and lives too. It is up to ourselves to ultimately make us feel pretty. I cannot judge someone who is comfortable and feels pretty in their own skin. More power to you! I have not had that “I FULLY LOVE MYSELF” moment, but I am glad I am working on it. I am still insecure to post pictures on social media for people to like, but I am glad that is how I am. I am glad I tell my story through videos and my blog. That way I am in control of what happens, and I can see my life through my own eyes. I am just not able to do that kind of stuff.

I can say I am pretty because I know more of who I am as a person. I am aa pretty person because I am evolving by becoming a better person and a better me.

The stronger force though is when the person understands her potential, and that is beautiful.

I hope you have a good day, and I will see you later! Thank you.


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