January 24, 2016 | 10:46 p.m.

Privet! – Hello in Russian

Hello everyone! I took some quizzes on Buzzfeed as usual just for fun, but I also learned something from it. I got kindness as my personality trait, and I got a humanitarian for my job that I should really be doing.

Huh, I guess I figured out my purpose in life. Haha I guess my life is set. Humor aside, I think I have always wanted to be a humanitarian. I have always wanted to speak on behalf of those who are not able to. I wanted to talk about people who are not like me, and I wanted to find commonality between them. I want to educate myself on different cultures, and I want to expose myself on all that the world has to offer. I may not be a figure for a big cause, but I know I want to do my part. The reason I like to public-speak (or as much as I can like public-speaking) is because I like to speak about something I am passionate about. In reality, everyone can like public-speaking. I know I will do my part in doing better for the world. There is a purpose for everyone here on Earth, and it is up to us to find one ourselves and to help others find theirs.

My friend and I were actually talking about how we like helping people. It all started when I was asking myself why people were asking for advice on things I did not have any experience in. I like to make sure the environment I create is an open and safe one. I like to make people feel like they matter, and that they deserve respect like everyone else. I knew how it felt to not feel accepted. I was left alone at times, and I would feel so horrible for myself. I have now used that energy into positivity, and I try to surround myself with it. I have learnt this with finding the right people, distancing myself from others, and treating everyone with kindness. I would never want somone to feel the way I did. I am still trying to improve on it also. I am working on it. Anyways, we were talking about if we want to we could become life coaches. Obviously not now, but when we do gain the experience. I think we both have good intentions, and we would love to help others. I love planning things, so that could be a good combination. I have no idea what I want to do with my life, but the continuing pattern is that I know for whatever I do I want to make sure I am contributing for the bettering of the world.

I would love to work with a non-profit. Again, I am an idealist. I love the world, and I know it can do so much for us. We just have to put in our part. That means creating a better physical and mental Earth. It is important for world leaders to think about other forms of energy for the future generation. I am excited to vote and put in my part. Also we need to fix the relations between our countries. Hate and bigotry is so prominent here in the U.S. and in other parts of the world. My current generation and all need to take a stand against it all.

I also thought today about the stigmas of Christians. I am Catholic, and I am here to say that I have nothing against the LGBTQ community. I think a lot of people think that they are not accepted in the church, or that they are hated by Christians. I cannot speak at all on behalf of the Christian community.

I think faith for any religion for that matter is a personal thing.

I think we should not push our religion on anyone.

We use faith as a basis on believing in something for the betterment of us. No religion is right or wrong, but I draw the line when people use it to hurt another group. Christians like to use verses to go against things like homosexuality, gun control, and abortion. Well people also used verses from the Bible to justify slavery. It is all about perception. I think people should use writings to help themselves and not push it on someone else.

I like to think of religions as a little kid. If you asked a child what Christianity is they would say “God loving everyone. Respecting each other.” Why can we not do that now? It defeats the purpose of “Love thy neighbor” or the idea that God loves everyone. Funny how certain Christians say we love everyone, but once someone does not look like them (may have tattoos, dress differently) we judge them. We are not supposed to judge. We are supposed to love! I do not talk about faith that much in this blog because I know what faith does for me. I do know the Filipino environment I am around is not open to homosexuality. I was never told I could not be one or be friends with one, but with the older generation they made it very clear it could not be possible.

I remember an instance when a family member of mine in the Philippines was telling my cousin to “not act gay. We do not accept that.” My mom told them in a calm voice that “there can be gays, and there are gays. It is okay to be gay.” I could not be more proud of her. She was brought up in a generation where LGBTQ issues were not discussed, and that homosexuality was wrong. It is time I speak up about it. The smallest action can make the biggest of difference. I never really had an opinion on it before. I was told by Catholic lessons that we can respect homosexuals, but we would have to be against it.

I just thinkg about it. Two people in love. Love just brings more happiness and love into the world. If people are in love, then that is that. It does not personally affect you. God loves everyone. The things that I talk about in this blog are seperate from my relationship with faith. These are just my thoughts as an regular 18 year old. I love the lovers of the world.

I hope you all have a good night! Spread more love throughout this world. Thank you for reading these unorganized posts.

Love yourself first, spread that to others, and then it will overwhelm the world!


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