Tuesday SNAP Blog #2

Tuesday was a very interesting time. I think that I was the most set, as far as food goes, but with my planning I definitely saw how it affected me. In the morning before I had to go to work my second job I had two bananas, two sets of crackers, and a sandwich in my backpack. I went to work at one and stayed until four, so I ate some cereal right before I went to work. By the time work ended I ended up eating all the things that were in my backpack, except my sandwich by 5:00 PM. I had a meeting at 5:15 p.m., and I was able to cut the meeting time short. I was eating the sandwich on the way to the meeting. I did indeed get some looks, but campus walk was the time for me to eat.

I had another event that was called cookies and conversation, where people from Sodexo brought cookies. I did not think through that there would be a plate of cookies in front of me the whole time, and the time they were going to talk about food.  I ended up taking a can of soup from my room which in the end I realized was the only can of soup that had an opener.  I ate that throughout the event always good. I did get a few looks, but I was satisfied with the food. I realized that there was a 10:00 PM fire drill my staff I had to lead. We were not able to do a fire drill the past few weeks because of the cold and rainy weather. We decided that I was going to do it on a warm day, and so today we ended up doing five fire drills for five buildings. I was in charge of pulling the alarm, calling the police, making sure that the alarm reset, and making sure residents were out at appropriate time. I have to be honest it was very hard because I did not bring a snack with me and I did not eat since five and so it really put a toll on me. I had to be there for my staff. I had to be strong and efficient, but back of my mind I knew that the hunger was really getting to me. I feel so lame saying that I didn’t eat since five, when people haven’t eaten for much longer periods. It affected my concentration throughout, but all the fire drills were going well. I was having fun with my staff.

Finally we were at our last fire drill. I think that was my own personal fire. Everything was going well until some residents were not cooperating. I myself was starting to just get really tired, and once I heard that some residence were giving really inappropriate behavior to one of my RA’s I got even more irritated. I think I would’ve been calmer if I had eaten. I think I put emotions of lack of towards the people that were being mean to my RAs. I kept it professional, but I did say that to the freshman and upperclassman that they cannot be rude and that it wasn’t fair that they were doing this to us when this is just our job. I usually am an easy-going person, but this “HANGRY” thing is a real thing.

This really reminded me of how sometimes kids will be rude and mean, and it can only really take one thing for them to go off. I realize maybe sometimes the person may be hungry or going through something, so it’s just a vicious cycle of building up feelings and then putting it out on someone else. I felt the implications of not properly eating and sleeping.  Even if you are on SNAP it is hard to eat healthy, so it is hard to even be on the right track for your health. I ate bananas, but I did not have the proper other groups. I think of how expensive the organic foods are, so something needs to change than just the SNAP program. I think this really helped fuel me to be a politician again.

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