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Midnight could only go so far. I spent most of the day eating the rest of my sandwiches and my cereal. I started the day at 10:30 a.m. to go to an event, and then I spent the most of my day in my room. I cleaned up, and I would eat some crackers if I was feeling hungry. I also drank more water, and it for sure helped me during this time. I think my body also got more used to the challenge, but I also failed really quickly.

I read an article on the TIME website, and this really showed the scale starvation can lead to children become the way they do. We assume some students are being problematic jus to be problematic. There are people that see the glad half empty. We think they are problem children, but instead of finding ways for them to get better we just scold them. That just leads to more anxiousness and recklessness from the child.

“Researchers studying people raised on Barbados who suffered severe starvation as infants found these adults were more anxious, less sociable, less interested in new experiences and more hostile than those who were well-nourished throughout childhood, according to a study published in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry”

Even for a week, it was harder to go out and socialize if your body is wanting you to do nothing but eat. It is so hard to overcome that feeling. I cannot imagine what my mom and young people had to go through. It not only affects the child, but it affects everyone around them. It seems like such a vicious cycle. The SNAP program is not the final solution, but it is a step towards putting our priorities in the right direction.

“Poor nutrition early in life seems to predispose individuals to a suspicious person, which may then fuel a hostile attitude toward others,” Adrian Raine, professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, told Science News, commenting on the research. Raine, who was not associated with the study, conducted earlier investigations of malnutrition and personality, which found that early life enrichment significantly mitigated some of the most extreme negative effects on personality.

I can only imagine the people who are on SNAP to be angry at the government that is not helping them when I am angry. There is a stigma that there is a hostile attitude from the homeless or the less fortunate. It makes me feel bad for even calling them the less fortunate because it separates us from them. It is a group of people that society pities but does not end up helping. There are viable options in helping the people who have food insecurity to no have that worry. There are so many things to also be worried about.

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