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On Friday, I started to get used to the food that I planned about. I was able to wake up early enough make a sandwich, and to equip myself with snacks for the day. The two bananas I had left was rotting. I was able to eat the rest of my crackers, and then eat another of the mandarin oranges in a pack. I then ate cereal for the rest of the night. I ended up sleeping early because it has been a long week. I also did not want to make more food, so I just ended up sleeping. People also do not get that luxury.

I thought this was really cool!

Many community colleges are striving to streamline the application process for food stamps and come up with other ways to address student hunger.  I read an article of some changes that colleges are created.

“In addition to helping students complete SNAP paperwork, according to Duke-Benfield, some campuses are training staff in the financial aid office to advise students about the range of government programs, while others are training their academic faculty to recognize students who may be hungry or homeless and to counsel them. More schools are putting questions about food and housing into the admissions forms; on-campus food pantries, even at four-year schools, are popping up around the country.”

“Take the Thrive Center for Financial Success at Holyoke Community College in Massachusetts, which was created last February to assist students to meet their daily living expenses in order to increase retention rates. Crystal Colón, its coordinator, said the school, which is also creating an on-campus food pantry, had to respond to the large numbers of students who were hungry and living in cars”

There are viable options to help college students find the food that they needed. I think there could be a way for UMW or smaller colleges to do the same. I was thinking this problem of food insecurity is probably relevant to Germanna College. That would be really interesting if something could be done there.

We are almost there!

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