Week Six (Chapter 1, Case, Chapter 2)

Chapter 1

What I learned overall from Chapter 1 is that the ways we can be the best at management are about mixing self-awareness and formal leadership skills. We need to learn about our strengths and weaknesses that will help us when learning about these management skills. It is important to learn the interpersonal skills and decision-making skills show that you do not have to be the most knowledgeable of all skills that the company needs. It shows you need to know how to deal with people, and thinking to ways to enhance the skills of everyone else. I also think it is important to note the four management functions; planning, leading, organizing, and controlling. These all seem like obvious and easy things to do, but in reality, it is done differently person to person. I liked the quote that said, ” You definitely need to be good with people to help bring out the best in people”. I thought that was really prevalent in the business world, where the stereotype is that it is a dog-eat-dog world. It is also important to be a decent human being. These management skills will help me professionally and personally.

What I learned from this self-assessment is that “the ability to get along with others” is the trait I associate most with. I think I am able to cooperate when I am supposed to, but working with myself is what I usually prefer. I do know that I cannot exceed without working with others. There are many things I cannot do, so working with others will help my vision come to life. I think it is important to know that I can use that as my strength. The next trait that I associate myself with is “integrity”. I like to try to do onto others what I would like to receive, but I am not consistent with doing that all the time. I do have a problem with caring too much about other people that I am detrimental to myself and my integrity. I got mostly 2s and 3s for this section. I need to work on that. My weakness is industriousness. I struggle with being put on the spot on projects and ideas. I think it is important for me to be a little uncomfortable by putting myself in those stressful situations. I will work on that.

Jiffy Lube
The Jiffy Lube saw a lack of connections and relationships with people, and it was hurting their brand. What they did was open up a Jiffy Lube University that would give the managers and leaders of the company to go through training programs that would help them on leadership and management skills. They were able to teach their employees a universal approach to managing, and that creates consistency through the whole company. They used their interpersonal skills to find what works for them. It is good to get professional and formal training. It is the people who the process that the people is in the classrooms that are appropriate.

Chapter 2

This chapter talks about the environment of an organization. I think it is important to see what kinds of the environment is needed for productivity. The internal environment relies on the mission, systems process, structure, resources, and management and culture. The external environment relies on customers, competition, suppliers, the labor force and a plethora of other factors. It is important for the manager to be ethical, in order for the rest of the people to give that same quality of work. I need to do that in the situations I am in.

Skill Builder 2-1

This skill builder is a test of personal ethical behavior. I think it is important to be aware of my ethical behavior to monitor. It is not so much black-and-white when it came to what I would decide. It was interesting seeing my score, and it makes me more evident of what I need to do in a leadership position.

Thursday SNAP Blog


Thursday was the second time that I decided to cheat. The first thing that I had that day were two sets of sandwiches with cheese and turkey. I drank a lot of water, and I had a banana. But that was definitely not enough for me. I had several meetings that day. First one was at 10:30 AM. I wasn’t eating the amount that I usually do, so I decided to replace that urge with sleep. I would be in very deep periods of sleep (something I am not used to), and it threw off my whole schedule.

My first meeting was at 10:30 AM, and I realized that I woke up at 10:20 am. I only had about 10 minutes to get to my meeting. I was hungry the whole time. I was thinking about food. I never noticed so intensely before, but there was candy on his desk. I personally like eating food to ease my anxiety, or if I’m feeling anxious. I usually eat a piece of candy whenever I am in my boss’s office. I started getting anxious, and I couldn’t eat that piece of candy that was too close for comfort. I was talking about some pretty intense conversations I had with my residents that I needed his advice on how to help.

It really hit me when sometimes people are not paying attention. The other person notices it so quickly, but now I realize sometimes the person not paying attention could not help it. As I realize what I am writing what was happening to me was totally different than what the people around me noticed. They noticed me more tired and moody. I think I usually am really tired, but I had a difference in character this whole week. When I was doing the fire drill I was thinking about getting food and getting anxious about all the things I had to do. I started worrying myself in my head, but I also had to be present for what was happening in the situation. I am the Senior Resident Assistant, so I had to be the one leading the fire drills. Sometimes I would understand what people were saying, but sometimes my mind would wander and my body would just lead the way. I think in this case it was my stomach that was leading the way. I need to give people more benefit of the doubt. They may not be hungry, but people may have other things going on with them. It is a hard out there.

The next part of the meeting was a blur. I was a little zoned out, and then all of a sudden I was in the moment with a piece of candy in my mouth.  I am a WEAK person, and I did not even realize I opened the piece of candy and proceeded to open it. I was talking to him, and I could barely focus on what he was saying and then I won’t. I suddenly had food in my mouth. After that, I was more diligent on where my food was coming from I am not the type of person to plan ahead and schedule my meals when I get hungry. That is such a huge privilege and an accommodation for living on campus and having a meal plan here throughout the day. I had about three bowls of cereal but I could only get them when I was in my room, so I ate a banana. I had a few of my cheese crackers with me.

I know this week going to be very ironic in the fact that there would be free food offered to me through events, and I would not be able to eat it. I already cheated on Wednesday with the free pizza, so I would try not to do that.  I ended up going to an RA celebration because it was already RA appreciation week. I was one of the people that helped plan it, and I also was the only person that could not end up eating it. We bought some Chick-fil-A nuggets,  and there were some great cookies things that I personally like because I helped plan it. It was super sad once people were getting in line they noticed that I ended up going to my backpack and getting a banana. Since they were my staff they knew that I was on this challenge, and they kept saying “you should cheat it’s just Chick-fil-A nuggets. Who’s going to find out?”. I knew I messed up already that day I couldn’t do it again, so with willpower, I was able to not eat those Chick-fil-A nuggets. I never voluntarily say no to food, and so it was definitely a change in the way I interact with people. I eat to ease my feelings, and it helps me distract myself when I get nervous.

Due to my job I ended up having to help out afterward and having to talk to RAS on situations that they’ve had for us to figure out how to solve. I was half paying attention to them and half thinking about what I was going to eat I did not plan beforehand before the 8 PM party to bring something other than a banana. I got back to my room at about 11:30 p.m., and I ate another bowl of cereal and kept eating bowls of cereal until I became full again. I was not a smarty-pants when I bought things, but there were three soup cans that I bought didn’t have an opener, I was not able to get a can opener. I was frustrated and hungry. Don’t get me wrong there were a lot of times when cereal tasted really good, but I also wanted a hot meal at one point. I wanted just to eat some of the food that was in my fridge and the bananas that were starting to turn a little dark we’re not as appetizing anymore.

I am going to keep trying. 🙂

Friday SNAP Blog

On Friday, I started to get used to the food that I planned about. I was able to wake up early enough make a sandwich, and to equip myself with snacks for the day. The two bananas I had left was rotting. I was able to eat the rest of my crackers, and then eat another of the mandarin oranges in a pack. I then ate cereal for the rest of the night. I ended up sleeping early because it has been a long week. I also did not want to make more food, so I just ended up sleeping. People also do not get that luxury.

I thought this was really cool!

Many community colleges are striving to streamline the application process for food stamps and come up with other ways to address student hunger.  I read an article of some changes that colleges are created.

“In addition to helping students complete SNAP paperwork, according to Duke-Benfield, some campuses are training staff in the financial aid office to advise students about the range of government programs, while others are training their academic faculty to recognize students who may be hungry or homeless and to counsel them. More schools are putting questions about food and housing into the admissions forms; on-campus food pantries, even at four-year schools, are popping up around the country.”

“Take the Thrive Center for Financial Success at Holyoke Community College in Massachusetts, which was created last February to assist students to meet their daily living expenses in order to increase retention rates. Crystal Colón, its coordinator, said the school, which is also creating an on-campus food pantry, had to respond to the large numbers of students who were hungry and living in cars”

There are viable options to help college students find the food that they needed. I think there could be a way for UMW or smaller colleges to do the same. I was thinking this problem of food insecurity is probably relevant to Germanna College. That would be really interesting if something could be done there.

We are almost there!

McKenna, L. (2018, February 27). The Gravity of the Hunger Problem on College Campuses. Retrieved from https://www.theatlantic.com/education/archive/2016/01/the-hidden-hunger-on-college-campuses/424047/

Wednesday SNAP Blog

I was definitely into my feelings coming into Wednesday morning after what happened at the fire drill. I was consistently eating cereal to fill my body and not fill my mind with thoughts. In the morning I did not wake up early enough, so I just quickly put in a banana, chewy bars, and brought my food to class. I ended up eating the two chewy bars before my other 3 to 4 classes.  By the time I had to go lead a workshop free food came my way! My fate to be tempted! There was pizza from the Vocelli’s and a bunch of desserts. Throughout the workshop I was good, and I didn’t eat. The time after the workshop was different.

I am a WEAK PERSON. A WEAK PERSON. I broke the challenge the third day. When we were packing up the stuff for the workshop there was plenty of pizza left. We ended up sitting down with a group of friends to just hang out and talk before my next class. I looked down at the pizza. It was my fault I did not plan ahead. I didn’t have food other than a banana. I searched ferociously to find that banana to distract myself from the pizza. I looked in my backpack in the banana was squished! I was trying to figure out if I was going to eat that banana. I ended up eating it, but I just did not end up eating it in front of other people.

I saw the fresh set box of pizza was right in front of me. I ate the pizza, and before you know it the whole pizza was gone. I was only going to eat one piece, but of course, I can’t eat only one piece of pizza. You got to commit. I felt so guilty, but I still ate it. I was definitely feeling really weak, and of course, this free food is not given to people who are usually on SNAP.  It is very limited on who can be on SNAP, so I was not doing justice to the people who have to do this all the time. I went to my three-hour class, and the whole time I ended up writing out how I was feeling. I wrote how I felt about the fire drill that happened the day I just needed to let it all out and get all that negative energy out of myself. I couldn’t really pay attention in class, and I think it was partly due to lack of sleep and also lack of food. I also did not bring my water bottle, and I have been really bad on drinking water in order to fill out the amount of food that I wasn’t receiving.

Overall I felt that I was not doing justice to the people who are on SNAP if you have that food insecurity. I am really privileged and spoiled, and the fact that I am able to get something really quickly from the vending machine. I usually get something really quickly from one of the food cafeterias, and others have to plan accordingly before school. People could get ready really early or stay up really late. I definitely think that people who cannot eat are not able to focus at all. I felt very all over the place. I felt that I couldn’t get things done. I can only imagine someone who is working 20 hours is more than half-time in college might have to be a dependent, or for someone another person and also be hungry and you can’t take care of others.

If you can’t take care of yourself, then it is hard to take care of other people. I feel like a lot of people are in that situation where they have to sacrifice themselves in order to help someone else. It takes such a toll on you so overall. It is important to be able to think about yourself, how we have to really pay attention to how our health is a privilege. I would stay up late and wouldn’t plan ahead. I think it’s in the best interest for me to really take care of myself because I have that privilege, in order to help myself and to help others.

Tuesday SNAP Blog #2

Tuesday was a very interesting time. I think that I was the most set, as far as food goes, but with my planning I definitely saw how it affected me. In the morning before I had to go to work my second job I had two bananas, two sets of crackers, and a sandwich in my backpack. I went to work at one and stayed until four, so I ate some cereal right before I went to work. By the time work ended I ended up eating all the things that were in my backpack, except my sandwich by 5:00 PM. I had a meeting at 5:15 p.m., and I was able to cut the meeting time short. I was eating the sandwich on the way to the meeting. I did indeed get some looks, but campus walk was the time for me to eat.

I had another event that was called cookies and conversation, where people from Sodexo brought cookies. I did not think through that there would be a plate of cookies in front of me the whole time, and the time they were going to talk about food.  I ended up taking a can of soup from my room which in the end I realized was the only can of soup that had an opener.  I ate that throughout the event always good. I did get a few looks, but I was satisfied with the food. I realized that there was a 10:00 PM fire drill my staff I had to lead. We were not able to do a fire drill the past few weeks because of the cold and rainy weather. We decided that I was going to do it on a warm day, and so today we ended up doing five fire drills for five buildings. I was in charge of pulling the alarm, calling the police, making sure that the alarm reset, and making sure residents were out at appropriate time. I have to be honest it was very hard because I did not bring a snack with me and I did not eat since five and so it really put a toll on me. I had to be there for my staff. I had to be strong and efficient, but back of my mind I knew that the hunger was really getting to me. I feel so lame saying that I didn’t eat since five, when people haven’t eaten for much longer periods. It affected my concentration throughout, but all the fire drills were going well. I was having fun with my staff.

Finally we were at our last fire drill. I think that was my own personal fire. Everything was going well until some residents were not cooperating. I myself was starting to just get really tired, and once I heard that some residence were giving really inappropriate behavior to one of my RA’s I got even more irritated. I think I would’ve been calmer if I had eaten. I think I put emotions of lack of towards the people that were being mean to my RAs. I kept it professional, but I did say that to the freshman and upperclassman that they cannot be rude and that it wasn’t fair that they were doing this to us when this is just our job. I usually am an easy-going person, but this “HANGRY” thing is a real thing.

This really reminded me of how sometimes kids will be rude and mean, and it can only really take one thing for them to go off. I realize maybe sometimes the person may be hungry or going through something, so it’s just a vicious cycle of building up feelings and then putting it out on someone else. I felt the implications of not properly eating and sleeping.  Even if you are on SNAP it is hard to eat healthy, so it is hard to even be on the right track for your health. I ate bananas, but I did not have the proper other groups. I think of how expensive the organic foods are, so something needs to change than just the SNAP program. I think this really helped fuel me to be a politician again.

Tuesday SNAP Blog

I read an article on the hunger insecurity that happens in community colleges. I got this image of America. The plan is to work hard to go to college, and then being able to support yourself with a job to get a better life is the dream. Both of my parents were immigrants, and they were given the opportunity to be able to provide for a family. We usually associate that when you are able to go to college, then you should be set. I was wrong with the people struggling here with food insecurity. It seems like food now is a luxury to college students. There is that stereotype of being broke college students, but some people really cannot afford to food every day.

It said in the article:

  • 52 percent—of the respondents reported marginal to very low food security, while the remaining students reported high security.
  • One in five respondents had very low food security, which meant that they had “multiple indications of disrupted eating patterns and reduced food intake.”
  • Twenty-two percent of the respondents indicated that they had cut the size of their meals or skipped meals and were hungry because they didn’t have enough money for food.

I think this part of the article hit me pretty hard this week:

  • Hunger has a large impact on learning and college retention. For one, there is the obvious physical problem that an empty stomach makes it hard to learn in class. For another, it may force students to make decisions that interfere with completion. They might work longer hours at their jobs or take long breaks from their studies to earn the money needed to buy dinner, for example. These decisions make it harder for students to get to graduation day in a reasonable timeframe.

There are so many barriers to get through college, and the scarcity of food was low on my thoughts that would stop you from finishing college. Food is such an essential thing to have as a human being that it is important to have that in order to continue with school.

Works Cited 

McKenna, L. (2018, February 27). The Gravity of the Hunger Problem on College
Campuses. Retrieved from https://www.theatlantic.com/education/archive/2016/01/the-hidden-hunger-on-college-campuses/424047/

Food List

Dollar General
Clover Valley 100% Whole Wheat Bread – 1.
Clover Valley Chocolate Chip Granola Bars – 3.00
Clover Valley Mandarin Oranges – 1.00
Clover Valley Soup Cans (4) – 2.60
Smart and Simple Sandwich Cheese Slices – 1.25
Thin Sliced Turkey Breast – 3.65
Kit Kats – 2.00
PET Daily Pure 2% Milk -2.90
Berry Colossal Crunch Cereal – 3.50
Cocoa Dyno-Bites Cereal – 3.50
Tax – 0.52

There were store discounts, so it became this price.

Fresh Bananas – 1.17
Keebler Cheese and Cheddar Sandwich Crackers (2 boxes) – 5.98
Tax – 0.18

Total for now = 26.87

Monday SNAP Blog #2

For this SNAP challenge I definitely feel like it’s going to give me a wakeup call. I am remembering the stories that my mom told me about when she lived in the Philippines. Her family was poor, and so between all her siblings she really got the least amount of food since she was the oldest. She looked out for her family and she helped provide for them.  I remember being told the stories and feeling very guilty. But then after a while I would just forget about it. I dearly think this is on a very small scale in comparison to what my mother had to go through, but it would definitely give me some insight. I mean we all find things in common when we each go out of our way to look at the other person’s life through our own lens. I think that this will be a very eye-opening experience. I can tell and even just typing this out I realize how much different my life is compared to my parents.

I think is because on SNAP there is a consideration if you are an immigrant and if you are a citizen of the United States to be able to be eligible. My dad came here when he was four years old and my mom came when she was 25. I definitely see that as a college student I’m supposed to be the product of the hard work that they have done for me and my sister. My sister is also now in college, and we both have meal plans and live on campus. It is very convenient for us to get food, and it always has been convenient for us. My parents were able to provide food for me all the time whenever I needed it. I think going through this it is such an interesting experience when other people from outside the US, like in the Philippines, see that having a college education and finding a job here in the US  just seems like you’re set.

As I do more research on this topic of SNAP and college students it is so hard to just find your next meal. There is food insecurity for all types of people in lower and middle class. We as a society associate college with making it and being somewhat stable enough to get an education, and so it really has given me perspective. I need to go out of my way to learn more about this.

To be honest, I knew of SNAP, but I did not know the specifics of. I knew Trump wanted to cut back on SNAP, but nothing more. I decided to see what SNAP would like for a college student

SNAP stands for Supplemental Nutritional Assistant Program. It is paid through Electronic Benefit Transfer cards to be used to buy food. The maximum monthly amount for a household of 1 is $192/ month. SNAP cannot used to buy prepared food such as fast food or takeout pizza. That is something college students are so used to. SNAP cannot be used to pay for college cafeteria meal plans. What I also thought was interesting was that students who live in dorms and receive more than half their meals from a meal plan are not eligible for benefits. Since UMW you need a meal plan to live on campus none of us would be eligible for SNAP.

This is how a student could be eligible for :

  • Age or disability status;
  • Parent or caregiver;
  • Employed at least 20 hours per week or receiving any work-study funds;
  • Receiving TANF benefits; or
  • Enrolled in certain programs aimed at employment.

What I also thought was interesting is what counts as a SNAP household.

A SNAP household is a group of people who live together and buy and prepare meals together.

  • If roommates buy and prepare at least half their meals together, they count as a SNAP household and must apply together
  • Special rules apply when one or more members of a household are ineligible, such as because of their immigration status, or because they are students and do not meet one of the student exemptions.

I never really put much thought into the fact that a SNAP household could be a college apartment. I do see many college students (including myself) go out without thinking about how much money they will spend on food. I am pretty frugal, but when it comes to food it is more of a social gathering. I am willing to invest money in food. I think if someone did not know when their next meal their college experience would be very different. I do not usually go out without a purpose, but the fact that I am able to do even no think twice about it is a privilege. Let us start the week!

CLASP. (n.d.). CLASP SNAP for College Students. Retrieved from https://www.clasp.org/sites/default/files/publications/2017/10/SNAP%20for%20College%20Students-An%20Overview.pdf


Monday SNAP Blog

It is currently 1:00 p.m. on Monday, February 19th.  It has only been 12ish hours since the SNAP Challenge started. I am already struggling with feeling hungry. I was up at 12:00 a.m. this morning because I had to do my last round for my RA job. I usually bring a snack with me, so I automatically felt the difference in changing what I usually do. My stomach was already starving. It was my instinct saying that we want what we cannot have. I was walking around my different residence halls trying to walk by pretty quickly. My lifestyle is to always have snacks and smaller meals. This will be a real shock to my body.

In my next blog post, I will talk about the groceries I bought. I first went to the dollar store to see which groceries I wanted. I used about 18 dollars at the store. I then went to the Giant with fellow classmate Myranda to find about 7 more dollars worth of groceries. I did not get any name brand things, and I had to think of multiple things. I live in a freshmen hall on campus because I am an RA., and I do not usually cook foods. It will be interesting to finding the foods.


Week Five: Carnegie in Use

Assignment: How you applied Carnegie this week; Final take away on Carnegie.

Hello everyone,

I became more aware of the actions I have to do as a fellow co-worker in my job, and a fellow person in a group. This is the first semester I have to do group projects in my business classes. I have done group work and discussion in my American Studies classes, so I knew it was going to be different collaborating with people who have the business mindset. It would be a good start to use the principles of Carnegie to work in a group in the first place.

One thing that I did this week was to give honest and sincere appreciation to my fellow staff members. I did this with a member of my group who was starting to feel stressed about the group. She was starting to lash out at people. I went and talked to her one on one. I first asked her not about the project, but I asked about how she was doing personally. She opened up, and she told me she has been really stressed out. I gave her sincere appreciation for telling her it is good she is passionate and invested in our group project. She wants to have good results, and I told her that she has the support of our staff. We all just have different ways of doing it. I wanted to let her know that she was not being attacked and that she was greatly appreciated being on our staff. I hope she felt better, and now as a group, we are more in sync with one another. We will try to use positive enforcement in these coming weeks.

Another thing Carnegie says to do says to talk in terms of the other’s personal interests. I did this with a fellow group member, whom I realized worked in the same field as I do. We did not really know each other, but like what happens on this campus we had seen each other before. I started to talk to him about our project, but I felt like we were not on the same page. I started to bring up we were both working jobs that have commons denominator, and we bonded through that. That led us to work better with each other because we were more comfortable. We even used the experiences we had from our jobs to work on our school project. It naturally helped to talk in terms of the other’s personal interests.

The last principle is to “make the other person feel important”.  I think this had the best impact on my job. I have a smaller staff, so really every person is important to make this semester work. I was able to talk with people on a personal basis, and reaffirming that their actions do not go unnoticed makes them still want to be involved in the bigger picture. Once I told people that they are justified in how they are feeling it makes it easier to really feel that members really want to find a way to feel part of the team. If you give them that hand, then they will go out of their own way to do their part. I know I feel good when my boss does the same for me. We should all feel like that in order to make the group the best it can be.

One thing that I need to work on is remembering and saying their names out loud. I have noticed that I pay attention more when people say my name out loud when they talk to me. I have residents that I try to say hi “insert name here”, instead of just saying hi. It makes the biggest of difference for a such a small and subtle action. It makes people feel that they are differentiated from everyone else. It said in Carnegie that it is sweetest and most important word to someone. I need to work on becoming better at memorizing people’s names.

Overall, I think that this book has a great way of describing things that everyone knows as general rules of being a good human being. I think that taking these small principles will really make adaptable and viable changes in our lives. It is one thing to be nice to people, but once we see that it benefits everyone involved it seems like the only way to go! We will be able to frame the world in ways we did not know that really affected us.  We would be able to be more of a group-oriented society compared to our individualistic society in the Western world. It would change the way the business world works. It would change the way we treat each other. It would indeed make the world better.