Week Two – Chapter Five

Chapter Five – The Behavioral Approach to Leadership’ Women and Leadership

This chapter talks about how approaching leadership with different behaviors can bring success. Something that I related to was the team management combination of the dimensions. Some people feel that a concern for people and concern for results cannot both be achieved. You have to sacrifice one for the other. I think that I work (or try to work) by doing both. I like making people feel appreciated because I know I like when other people do it for me. I also think that I feel that I have to prove myself when I do a job, and I also want to make sure that my choices create success. The more effective leaders are the ones who support their subordinates and look out for their welfare. I saw this in my job as a Senior Resident Assistant. It was my first time having to be in charge of a group in residence life. I needed to both make my team members feel good, but I also needed to make sure that I bring the results my boss want.

I really like this chapter! From the past readings, I realized I needed to find more women business leaders, and this chapter helped! When discussing how socialization can affect the leadership style women were more likely to be nurturing and caregiving. Men are taught to be tough and to focus on problem-solving. The traits taught to men are seen as what a leader should be. I think it is important to see that firms that had a high-intensity innovation strategy benefited from having women in the top team and were more profitable as a result.  The point is that having different perspectives is important in building a successful business, and so that means having more people at the table. The traits that they are taught should also be used when they lead. Skills can be learned, but it also is good to just be a nice person. It is nice to see women be celebrated for their work, and how they are as leaders.

The “HOW”

Something I will take away from this chapter is to remember to use a high-high approach. this means to use both initiating structure and consideration to be an effective leader. I think I want to find a good balance between the two. I really try to be a considerate person because I know there are days where we have experienced people not being considerate to us. It is important to create that kind of environment. I think consideration is linked with empathy, which was discussed in the last chapter. It is important to show that with everyone you encounter. That also means to show consideration to people who are not like you. It means to have an open-mind, and I hope more people are like that. That way more women and minority groups can help with success in a company.  It is good to include everyone because everyone can bring something to the table.

The “WHY”

A “why” for me for this article is to be considerate and nice when thinking about being a good leader. Of course, there are times when leaders have to be strict and impersonal, but it never hurts to be nice when you can. I really appreciate the first case of “It Pays to Be Nice”. I always get told that me being nice will result in me being taken advantage of and that I cannot make it in the business world. I think it is super important that people get a good feeling about you. People believe in being genuine. It is also good for business. You might have an amazing product, but if you are not sincere people will not buy or come back to your business. There are so many reviews online of people complaining about rude interactions with employees of the business. It really pays to be nice. And heck you might get your next connection by being nice to just be nice to someone. It also is reassuring because women and men are raised to behave differently, so it is nice to know that women can still be successful business leaders. It is just in a different way.

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