Week Three – Chapter Seven, Exercise One

Chapter Seven Exercise One

Leader-Member Relationships: In-Group/Out-Groups or Individualized Relationships

Instructions: Think of a group that you belong to and identify the leader of that group. Tate each member’s relationship with the leader on a 1 to 10 scale. Do the rates fall into distinct clusters with a big clump for the in-group and another clump for the out-group? Or do they fall more into a continuous distribution with some people scattered throughout the rating scale?

Leader: Tita

  • Colleen: 10 – Daughter of owner
  • Alyssa (me): 6
  • Ariele: 6 – My sister
  • Alfie: 10 – Son of owner

For my experience, I will talk about my current job’s group. I work at a playland that is a family-owned business. I work with my sister, and the rest of the employees are from another family. I put 10 with Colleen and Alfie because they are the children of the owner. I put me and my sister, Ariele, as 6 because I feel like we are starting to have a trusting relationship with the owner. I do see those distinct clusters with the in-group, but I feel that the family is very welcoming and inviting. They treat us like family, but I feel there needs to be more time to solidify that relationship.

The “HOW”

I think for the how of this activity it will help me see the dynamics of the employees and the boss. I know since this is a family business it is important to not only have a good relationship with the boss, but I need to have a good relationship with the kids as well. If something happens between me and the children of the owner, then it would not go well with the boss. I need to make sure that I see where those relationships should be. It is okay to be a little out of the in-group (especially if the family is the in-group). I know not to try to infiltrate that group when there is a dynamic already.

The “WHY”

I think we did this activity to see how our specific situation can be affected by natural in-groups and out-groups. I think it is important to realize I do not have to be in the in-group of my team, and that it is okay to not be. It is good to know who the in-groups and out-groups are to see where you best fit. For one job I might want to be in the in-group, but another job I would want to be in the out-group. I can choose and work to what I think is best for me.


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