Week One – Chapter Two, Exercise One

Exercise: Who Am I?

Instructions: Write down 10 words that you feel best to describe yourself. Then see how other people will think of your list. I asked my friends to help me with this. It was really hard to think of these also. I had to have my friends think of them for me. It feels kind of awkward thinking of these words as well.

  1. Caring – I think one of the things I want people to know is that I am caring. I like to make people feel accepted
  2. Open-Minded – I have worked actively to be more open-minded. This means especially for people’s experiences that are not like mine. I like to be a little uncomfortable with being with people who do not look like me because I will never be comfortable until I go learn on my own. I think we all need to do that, so I need to do my part.
  3. Weird- I think I am comfortable with making a fool out of myself. I am just me, and I try to think too much of keep up an appearance or
  4. Friendly – I think I try to be friendly, and I want to make sure people feel accepted.
  5. Generous – I try to be there for people that I care about. I hope it can come off as a positive thing.
  6. Trustworthy – I try to be this for my friends and family.
  7. Passionate – When I am passionate about something I think it
  8. Genuine – I think I have gotten more comfortable in being myself, so I hope I am genuine in my own right.
  9. Comfort – I think people say my style is a comfort, but I guess I embody that as well.
  10. Adaptable – I think I am able to adapt to certain situations.

The “How”

I think making lists like this keeps your identity intact. I know it is easy to list things we also do not like about ourselves, but I think it is important to think of positives as well. I think making lists of how we see ourselves, but also making a list of how other people think of us is good too. I think making lists maybe once a month may help me. Also, something that really helped my staff was that we all wrote positive things about each other. It ended up giving everyone a boost because a lot of the time we want to thank people, but we do not do it as often as we should. I also like to ask for feedback from people. I think this exercise of asking people I am close to help. It was hard to think often on my own.

The “Why”

I think we are doing this exercise because this is another way to see how we want to be perceived. I think when we genuinely know what we are, but sometimes it gets lost in what other people tell about us. Sometimes people want to acknowledge the positive more than our own selves do. So, it is nice when people can see the good in us, and so we know what we can do and what we can improve on. It is good to see what the main priorities of what we want to be. Lastly, I think it is nice to do some self-reflection. As an INFP, I think my personality loves to self-reflect. I think everyone does, but we should actively do it. It helps us face the things we have been trying to avoid, and it also helps us celebrate the good things about us!

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