Week One – Chapter One, Exercise Two

Chapter One, Exercise Two

Instructions: This exercise talked about how making a list of top leadership skills or managerial skills to learn. Then, for each skill, list a leader who would be a good role model for that particular activity.

  1. Skill: Speaking Up – I want to learn to speak up when I am not respected, and to speak up when something I see is wrong. I got to reclaim that time!
    1. Leader: Maxine Waters
  2. Skill: Public Speaking:  I want to get better at speaking in front of crowds, but I especially want to get better at answering questions when asked on the spot.
    1. Leader:: Michelle Obama
  3. SKill: Negotiating – I want to learn to not be shy in negotiating a salary or price. I should not feel guilty, and I want to learn how to do it well.
    1. Leader: none at the moment
  4. Skill: Self – Confidence – I need to learn how to be myself, and to use confidence to best fit me. I want to show that my passion and skills can match what I show on the outside.
    1. Leader: Rihanna (I do think she is very unapologetically herself)
  5. Skill: Helping Others – I want to make sure that I take an active role in helping my community.
    1. Leslie Knope (a fictional character, but I want to be a public official, so maybe it counts?)

I am glad I was able to think of a range of different women as my role models. It gives a better insight as to why I see them as role models because I can see them doing different things. When I think of my role models I always think I like them, but I do not really think too much about why I like them.  It did take me more time to think of people who were not celebrities before, so I need to do better at looking at my role models. I also want to find more female Asian-Americans I can look up to as well. It is so important to see role models that look like you also. I hope I can be that for someone one day!

The “How”

I think of how this will impact my life is to really take time to see who my role models are. I think I need to start looking for people that pertain to that field. I think a lot of us see role models in our family or really famous people. I think though that we have to look at the professionals who are more at the local level because those are some of the best heroes, who work in day and day out with no recognition. Those should be the ones who are praised, but even without the recognition they still make change. Also, I think just having a visual representation of what we want and who we look up to really lays out what we want. This makes me want to write down physically what my goals are. It makes it more definite and real to me.

The “Why”

            First, I think we did this activity because this lets us see what our priorities and influences. We need motivation and inspiration to become an effective leader. I think people are not just born to be a leader. I think a lot of it, just like any other skill, is to learn and practice what a good leader is. We had to have learned a skill from watching someone or something else. It is important to know who your role models because you need to look up to good people. I also think that this activity was used because we need to reflect on what we want to have in our leadership skills. Also, we need to learn how to be the best combination of what our role models on. That way we can be unique to ourselves about what our leadership skills are.

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