Week Four – Steve Jobs 16 – 35

This is my summary with chapters 16-35 of Steve Jobs.

John’s friendship is more important than anything else, and I think maybe that’s what I should do, concentrate on our friendship.

Relationships: Jobs talks more about his relationships with people. He can be very loving, but he also can be very distant. He did this with people on his staffs and his personal loved ones. He got a little better with his daughter, and he knew how to really love when he loved. The problem before was that he did not have a good balance. He sees that sometimes personal life is more important than professional life. He was able to see priorities, and take a little step towards reciprocating to the people that were close to him. He would be more emotionally attuned in that sense. It is good to figure out how to separate your professional and personal life.

“If he knew for sure a course of action was right, he was unstoppable. But if he had doubts, he sometimes withdrew, preferring not to think about things that did not perfectly suit him…Jobs would go silent and ignore situations that made him uncomfortable.

Self: I think everyone has gone through something like this, and this makes Job at the same level as us. We all are afraid of the unknown, but he was still able o overcome it. Of course, things will be awkward and fearful. It is just making that step is the most important to do. Without those chances we would not have Pixar or Apple. I try not to go towards situations that could cause problems, but it is also about perception. It may not be a potential mistake, but a step towards the right direction!

“Our method was to develop integrated products, and that meant our process had to be integrated and collaborative”

Leadership: His leadership was better in the fact that he was able to be more open to ideas. If people had a good idea, then he was able to build up on that. The idea of integration with everyone was a progressive part of his leadership. People felt a little more comfortable in giving ideas, and the ideas of all Apple products were from them.

I really enjoyed the conversation about Pixar. He was able to find a new outlet for working with John Lassiter. I enjoy so many Pixar movies, so seeing how he was a part of it was so cool! He was able to see how he can fulfill his creative side by seeing people create at Pixar, and thus he was able to find the best in both Pixar and Apple.


There are a few things we can talk about the how of this article. One is about the

“There are no formal design reviews, so there are no huge decision points. Instead, we can make decision fluid. Since we reiterate every day and never have dumb-ass presentations, we don’t run into major disagreements.

He was able to have an open and collaborative environment. Jobs was hands-on, and that encouraged his team to really get into their work. He made sure everyone collaborated with each other, so there was a more personal experience to living at Apple. Jobs was not only able to make great products, but he also made a great way to approach leading his company.


If you want to live your life in a creative way, as an artist, you have to not look back too much. You have to be willing to take whatever you’ve done and whoever you were and throw them away.

This is important to say that what made him different was that he was not just a leader, but he was an artist. He was able to see things in an innovative and creative way. He was able to eventually encourage the engineers to think creatively as well. He created a whole new mindset for Apple, and that allowed people to be open to all ideas. This created a progressive place for the people to thrive. I want to be that kind of leader.

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