Week Five – Steve Jobs – 35 – End

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Here are the main parts of the chapters I want to talk about. This is the part in the book where he talks about his cancer, and how that has changed his life. He had to get a kidney transplant, but he knew he was going to leave soon.

He learned eventually to be self-aware of how he is as a leader. He had those shortcomings as a leader throughout his career, and cancer gave him a new perspective on life. He always knew he was going to die, and so he put all his heart and soul into the projects he provided. With that passion became being mean to other people when things were not going well.

The people said he had a dichotomy about him. He talked about how he would either be hero/shithead at any point in the day. As he continued with he life he found a greater meaning to his life. He knew that he could help out other people, and eventually he would resign from being CEO. Jobs would be able to mentor Tim Cook. He learned that he could not be such a change from shithead to hero inĀ a heartbeat. He also was able to find a better balance between professional and private life. He tried to make better amend with his kids, and he created better connections with his friends. In that, people from all over sensed his character. Just like in Humphrey, being authentic anc charismatic was something he used to his advantage. I can see how this worked out. I remember charismatic people in my life, and how they were able to take control of their life. Most of the time there are many things we cannot control, so Jobs did what he could to make the most of his time in life.


“We try to use the talents we do have to express our deep feelings, to show our appreciation of all the contributions that came before us, and to add something to that flow”

Steve Jobs was able to help the future leaders in the technology field. He was seen as a mentor to people who have become leaders. Something that was mentioned a lot in this section of the book was how he helped others. He was able to help Larry Page and Mark Zuckerburg for their journey in the technology industry. I think empowering those people was what helped them become the people they are today. As a leader, you have to help elevate the employees to their greatestĀ potential. There were plenty of people that were mad at Job’s leadership tactics, but he helped push many people to achieve what they did not they could.


“My passion has been to build an enduring company where poeple were motivated to make great products.

We read this section of the book because at the end of the day you have to be happy with what you are doing. That means a good environment, good people, and a common goal. Steve Jobs has had a bumpy road finding success, but ultimately he was able to find his footing. He was able to use his passions to create a great impact on our world. His perspective grew at the end of his life, and he influenced people after he resigned from being CEO. That is a great goal of being a leader, which is to influence your team to be self-leadership teams. He has created a legacy that will influence people for generations to come. He did have his faults, but he was proudly himself. It is so respectful seeing people be who they are unapologetically. I hope to have those components in my leadership.


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