Volunteer Blog #2

Hello everyone,

Here is my second blog about volunteering at Habitat for Humanity. Overall, I was not able to make all 15 hours of my volunteer hours. I was only able to do eight hours, so I should have planned more accordingly about my hours. I went to the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store in Manassas.

This was again a very tiring experience, but I know I needed to experience something like this. I have thought before on working in the coordinating and planning field of non-profit organizations. I did not see doing the laborious work as something I could excel in, so I did not think I could do this. I have a better appreciation for the work they do. This is some tiring work of keeping up with the things to be donated to the things that are bought at the store. There is so much they have to go through. There are mountains of appliances, furniture, and decorations.

I could not take pictures of all the back, but the back has anything you could think of to be given away,


This relates to class for a few reasons. The first reason is finding motivation when being a leader. People need a common motivation to get something done. When I see that the people at the store see the overall goal of what they are doing it helps them finish the day. I know I want to find a passion that will eventually help contribute to the big picture. The big picture is to work hard to help other people. There are different motivations for the people that volunteer at the Re-Store, but we feed into the motivation that the employees have in the Restore. I was really tired by the end of it, but it was such a relief to know I could help in even the littlest of ways. Change happens on all levels!

Also, something I really liked was the volunteering opportunity created an open and light-hearted environment. It is important to do when the work starts to get tiring. We need to know what the core of what our work is for. The people there know the money and supplies will eventually go to building homes for people that need it. The person in charge of us made us feel comfortable by having good jokes and complimenting us on our work. There were different personalities in the workroom, but we found some commonalities between each other. There are also people I did not necessarily vibe with, but we learned to work with each other. The use of Carnegie of finding genuine appreciation for the people around us help. The fact that all these people live in the same town as I do, but we have had completely different childhoods and life paths were cool to hear about.


I think this volunteering aspect of the class was used because sometimes we have to get out of our comfort zone. We know that the journey of being a good leader is not going to be an easy one. In order to be more versatile and better at obstacles to come it is good to see how you work in different work environments. I got to encounter different types of people. I got to do different skills, and I would not think to do that if it weren’t for the requirement, and that is really sad. I do not think to work at the store is my direction in life, but I need to make sure I get a little uncomfortable to see what is out there. I need to see what works for me, and with that, I get to meet new people. And it was a good opportunity to also just be a good person in the community. I think it is important for a leader to help even out of work. I think it is good to be a contributor to your community because that will help in the long run. You can meet more people, and you can feel more connected to people. That will help with my leadership skills!

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