Week Four – Carnegie Analysis

Three paragraph summary: Why was this book assigned, how will it impact you moving forward?

This book was assigned to not only how to be a successful person in a professional sense, but to also give the tips on how to be an all-around good human being. I think the point of getting a liberal education is to see the world beyond what needs to be taught in a classroom. There is a reason why some people come out on top. The business environment is seen as a dog-eat-dog world, but the people who can connect with other people is the obvious strategy to being successful. I think the book is trying to say if you put out the genuine feelings, then the same will be done to you. One of the course objectives for this class is to “increase your self-awareness and personal growth through self-administered surveys”, and this book really was a big survey of how I am as a person.

I thought this book was going to give me tips on body language or specific things to say to manipulate people into liking you, but it really was genuine stuff. It really emphasized on doing the things that other people want. The quote “talking to people about themselves and they will listen for hours”. Once we get people comfortable with us, then that allows us endless amounts of opportunities with that person. I would think that I would not want to work with someone, who did not have the same respect that I do for them.  A consistent message I saw was to show appreciation for others. This is again everyone wants at one point. If we treat people the way we want to be treated, then we will also be treated in the long run the same way. I think appreciating people always elevates the situation

I think the biggest lesson I got was to make sure was to be knowledgeable about who I am. We judge and bring other people down because we are not in a good place. I think we have self-hatred, and that allows us to have an excuse to be bad towards other people. At the end of the day we not only hurt the other person, but we hurt ourselves. I had to do a lot of self-thinking that was not always so pleasant. We always think that we are the victim, but sometimes we end up doing bad things that make other people feel bad. It is a vicious cycle if we do not act upon it. We have to take action on ourselves to make the situation the best it can be. That being said it also means saying that we are wrong, and owning up to it. That is really hard to do. Successful leaders are not the ones who think of good ideas, but the people who know how to deal with different kinds of people. This allows all people involved to stay motivated, and thus it elevates the company. Overall, the skills and knowledge I learn from the book are things I can carry into any part of my life. Life is more than just business, so we might as well make it a caring and nice environment. We just have to be good people, and the business and success will come with it.

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