Week Five: Carnegie in Use

Assignment: How you applied Carnegie this week; Final take away on Carnegie.

Hello everyone,

I became more aware of the actions I have to do as a fellow co-worker in my job, and a fellow person in a group. This is the first semester I have to do group projects in my business classes. I have done group work and discussion in my American Studies classes, so I knew it was going to be different collaborating with people who have the business mindset. It would be a good start to use the principles of Carnegie to work in a group in the first place.

One thing that I did this week was to give honest and sincere appreciation to my fellow staff members. I did this with a member of my group who was starting to feel stressed about the group. She was starting to lash out at people. I went and talked to her one on one. I first asked her not about the project, but I asked about how she was doing personally. She opened up, and she told me she has been really stressed out. I gave her sincere appreciation for telling her it is good she is passionate and invested in our group project. She wants to have good results, and I told her that she has the support of our staff. We all just have different ways of doing it. I wanted to let her know that she was not being attacked and that she was greatly appreciated being on our staff. I hope she felt better, and now as a group, we are more in sync with one another. We will try to use positive enforcement in these coming weeks.

Another thing Carnegie says to do says to talk in terms of the other’s personal interests. I did this with a fellow group member, whom I realized worked in the same field as I do. We did not really know each other, but like what happens on this campus we had seen each other before. I started to talk to him about our project, but I felt like we were not on the same page. I started to bring up we were both working jobs that have commons denominator, and we bonded through that. That led us to work better with each other because we were more comfortable. We even used the experiences we had from our jobs to work on our school project. It naturally helped to talk in terms of the other’s personal interests.

The last principle is to “make the other person feel important”.  I think this had the best impact on my job. I have a smaller staff, so really every person is important to make this semester work. I was able to talk with people on a personal basis, and reaffirming that their actions do not go unnoticed makes them still want to be involved in the bigger picture. Once I told people that they are justified in how they are feeling it makes it easier to really feel that members really want to find a way to feel part of the team. If you give them that hand, then they will go out of their own way to do their part. I know I feel good when my boss does the same for me. We should all feel like that in order to make the group the best it can be.

One thing that I need to work on is remembering and saying their names out loud. I have noticed that I pay attention more when people say my name out loud when they talk to me. I have residents that I try to say hi “insert name here”, instead of just saying hi. It makes the biggest of difference for a such a small and subtle action. It makes people feel that they are differentiated from everyone else. It said in Carnegie that it is sweetest and most important word to someone. I need to work on becoming better at memorizing people’s names.

Overall, I think that this book has a great way of describing things that everyone knows as general rules of being a good human being. I think that taking these small principles will really make adaptable and viable changes in our lives. It is one thing to be nice to people, but once we see that it benefits everyone involved it seems like the only way to go! We will be able to frame the world in ways we did not know that really affected us.  We would be able to be more of a group-oriented society compared to our individualistic society in the Western world. It would change the way the business world works. It would change the way we treat each other. It would indeed make the world better.



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