Week Six (Chapter 1, Case, Chapter 2)

Chapter 1

What I learned overall from Chapter 1 is that the ways we can be the best at management are about mixing self-awareness and formal leadership skills. We need to learn about our strengths and weaknesses that will help us when learning about these management skills. It is important to learn the interpersonal skills and decision-making skills show that you do not have to be the most knowledgeable of all skills that the company needs. It shows you need to know how to deal with people, and thinking to ways to enhance the skills of everyone else. I also think it is important to note the four management functions; planning, leading, organizing, and controlling. These all seem like obvious and easy things to do, but in reality, it is done differently person to person. I liked the quote that said, ” You definitely need to be good with people to help bring out the best in people”. I thought that was really prevalent in the business world, where the stereotype is that it is a dog-eat-dog world. It is also important to be a decent human being. These management skills will help me professionally and personally.

What I learned from this self-assessment is that “the ability to get along with others” is the trait I associate most with. I think I am able to cooperate when I am supposed to, but working with myself is what I usually prefer. I do know that I cannot exceed without working with others. There are many things I cannot do, so working with others will help my vision come to life. I think it is important to know that I can use that as my strength. The next trait that I associate myself with is “integrity”. I like to try to do onto others what I would like to receive, but I am not consistent with doing that all the time. I do have a problem with caring too much about other people that I am detrimental to myself and my integrity. I got mostly 2s and 3s for this section. I need to work on that. My weakness is industriousness. I struggle with being put on the spot on projects and ideas. I think it is important for me to be a little uncomfortable by putting myself in those stressful situations. I will work on that.

Jiffy Lube
The Jiffy Lube saw a lack of connections and relationships with people, and it was hurting their brand. What they did was open up a Jiffy Lube University that would give the managers and leaders of the company to go through training programs that would help them on leadership and management skills. They were able to teach their employees a universal approach to managing, and that creates consistency through the whole company. They used their interpersonal skills to find what works for them. It is good to get professional and formal training. It is the people who the process that the people is in the classrooms that are appropriate.

Chapter 2

This chapter talks about the environment of an organization. I think it is important to see what kinds of the environment is needed for productivity. The internal environment relies on the mission, systems process, structure, resources, and management and culture. The external environment relies on customers, competition, suppliers, the labor force and a plethora of other factors. It is important for the manager to be ethical, in order for the rest of the people to give that same quality of work. I need to do that in the situations I am in.

Skill Builder 2-1

This skill builder is a test of personal ethical behavior. I think it is important to be aware of my ethical behavior to monitor. It is not so much black-and-white when it came to what I would decide. It was interesting seeing my score, and it makes me more evident of what I need to do in a leadership position.

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