Final Group Vlog

Hello everyone,

We are here at the last week of classes! I think this video represents how we are doing this part of the semester. Here are some things we need to preface before you watch it.

We did our regular thing of going on canvas to create a conference, and usually, there is just a lag of getting a good internet connection. This time it happened when we were filming! I use screenscastify on google chrome. When we were filming it was starting to lag, but from my side, I could everything clearly. On the other end apparently, we were sounding like robots and transformers. This was late at night on Wednesday because we could not find another time to do this. This week really has been unexpecting, so we are proud we have been able to meet.  For one, the quality of the video is not as good as our other ones. We just made do with what happened. We decided to film to individual videos to put in the parts that were not working in the video. Maggie and Alexis were able to talk about the other parts of the discussion. There is a mixture of individual and webcam videos in this final group vlog. We apologize for the difficulty in listening and watching this video, and we hope to prevent this for the final video! Our group is glad to have this finished!



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