March 4, 2016 | 12:30 a.m.

Sawubona – Hello in Zulu

I just wanted to comment on something I saw. I think it is something we see everyday, but these things are things we do not see all the time. The first thing is an old Asian lady I saw at the library. I can paint the very simple picture. She is by herself at a table reading the newspaper. She also has a notebook with her, and after she reads a little bit she writes something down. It looks like a full page of writing that is not broken up into paragraphs. It is one long piece of writing. I wonder what she is writing about? Does she record something about the paper? Is it a story she is writing? Maybe a detailed grocery list? It is probably the latter.

I just think this may be something this women does everyday. It is part of her routine. This is significant to her, but is not significant to the people around her. I imagine people who come into the library everyday and do their thing. I think people will study for their class, use the internet, or just the idea of learning something new from what they read. There is something for everyone at the library. I was trying to find a book on Accounting, and I stumbled past the whole section of books on public-speaking. I think I could have read these books during last summer or last winter break. I cannot look back now. I know if I want to achieve something I have to study. I have to research. I have to practice.

I think the basis of what I want to say today in this blog is significance. Yes I could have been studying all those books on TED Talks and communication strategies, but there is a reason I was not. That aspect was not the priority during that time in my life. I was still in shock I graduated high school. I wanted to spend all the time I could with my friends and family. I had long talks with people I had been close to, but especially talks with them I never had before. I was working on myself, and I mean the deep levels of myself. The ones I used to even hide from myself.

I used to have different priorities. Some of them were about a guy, a person who did not like me, people I have wronged, mistakes I made in high school, and all the memories of the past four years of my life. I went into a daze of confusion and deep thought at the same time. The person I thought about everyday no longer crossed my mind. What I needed before I could move on with my life was time. I needed that time to get through and find closure. I can never forget about the things that happened to me. I would be lying to myself. What I have done is use it to my advantage. I change the narrative, I change the way I look at it, and most importantly I change myself for the better. The significance of my life shifted from high school problems to myself. I do not let others take over my life. I always think of what is best for me, which has helped in my relationships with others.

I became significant in my life.

I became signficant. The things I do may not be significant to others, but as long as they are important to me I will keep doing them. It does not matter what others see or do not see. They never get the full picture. It is up to all of us to find what is significant about ourselves. We are also growing. One thing that is important to us now will not be as we grow. That is okay. I have learned to come to terms with that. What is important is to fully go for the things that are significant to me no matter how big or small. Keep on doing you!

Thank you and have a nice day!



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