February 15, 2016 | 6:04 p.m.

Namaskar – Hello in Bengali

I hope you are all having a good day. I think a trending topic that I have discussed in this blog is about learning about new things. Today, I am going to specifically talk about learning about new groups of people. I was informed about what is happening at my old high school. There is a Twitter fight happening for all to see on issues about race and ethnicities. I think you all have heard of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. If you do not it means that innocent African Americans are getting punished just because of what they look like. This movement is to reiterate that black lives are not any less than any other person. It is an appreciation of people for who they are, and itnot a hate group to tear people down.

There are many instances coming to light on police brutality, which brings a bigger light to institutionalized racism towards that group of people. I cannot speak on behalf of this community, but that does not mean I cannot participate in it. That does not mean I cannot learn more about it. That does not mean I cannot do something about it.watch full film All Eyez on Me

There is a Twitter fight on the idea of #alllivesmatter. I think the idea of #blacklivesmatter does not mean at all that the rest of lives do not matter. This is just a way for people to unite to bring awareness to the subject. There is still racial profiling and racism prominent in this country. There is now just a snowball effect. People are started to get heated up. Young people especially are using their voice. I also think people are assuming before they think about it. People are inferring and rationalizing a whole group’s thoughts. People are taking it personally. Before this all happens we need a foundation.

I see people I know on Twitter arguing one thing or another. First off, social media is not the place to be using fighting words. It is not a safe and open environment. In this day in age social media is a great place to spread joy and to bring awareness on important things. It helps get people informed. It is also a place for people to make ignorant comments and rash decisions that they would not say in person. There is no limit to what is being said, so it is all over the place. I think this spark of conversation can have a good spin on it.

I think the idea is to find a commonality. Black lives do matter, and I think if we changed the discussion around of it seen on the media things could get done. For example, when someone not of color sees blacklivesmatter they feel that they are being offended. They feel they are being shamed, and also they might feel out of the loop. Minorities have been feeling that this whole time. Caucasian people may not realize it, but they automatically get privilege. Minorities, espeically African Americans, right now do not. When someone sees something like blacklivesmatter they are going to feel like they are being threatened. That is when ignorant comments are made and the defense mechanisms are used.

Now the African American community has been building up this whole time, and now a whole battle ensues. People now are not listening to the other side. They only hear what they want to hear. Everything coming from the other side is seen as a personal attack against the other. I do not represent any of these sides, but I see it as a human being. It has taken me such a long time to get out of my comfort zone and learn about things I am not familiar with. Everyone learns at their own pace. The biggest thing is that no one is taught hate. People may make ignorant comments, but in reality their thoughts are not their own. They are shaped by experiences, lessons, and culture. I think we all know that everyone should be treated with basic respect, but not everyone gets that. On this big of a scale it is important to learn, but we won’t and cannot without knowing we will be respected.

For example, I have an argument with a friend. I know what they did. They are trying to explain themselves, but I know I am right. I do not listen. I just say everything I want to say. It becomes one-sided conversations. I do not understand why she is not comprehending it, while I am not even listening to her. Sometimes we just need to take a step back. We honestly cannot force or change someone’s opinions. They have to learn on their own accord and willingness.

I think honestly it is scary for white people to talk about race issues. They know what is happening, and they know they have the advantage. They also know that they may be isolated, and thus they cannot learn. I think we need the open and safe environment. When people know that their side will be listened to they will listen as well. This is not about which side is right, but that we all find that common goal. We all need to strive for the same thing. Things like racism will not be fixed unless both sides work together. We need the efforts of everyone to get things in motion. That takes both sides finding where the other is coming from.

Little things you do everyday can help in the bigger cause. Be a good example as just being a good human being. Just because you are the only person of your ethnicity or color in the room that does not mean you have to represent all of your people. When you just are a respectable human being the good experiences and memories will help. Yes, it does happen where you represent an entire group. Also, yes certain groups have to put in so much more effort on certain things than others. Just know your efforts are being appreicated and are contributing to the grand scheme of things.

If you give people respect, then hopefully they are willing to learn. It will be a long battle, but things will get done. We are the future, so let us make it happen!

I hope you all have a wonderful day. All love is good!


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