Unabridged Version
The three things people take away from meeting me is first I always have something purple on. I have purple bags, pens, shoes, and even my hair is purple. It is actually concerning.

The second is that I have an unhealthy obssession (see what I did there?) with tacos. Before college the only way for me to get through class was through Taco bell, specifically Taco Bell. I am still waiting on a sponsorship and a Taco Bell gold card. I would have it in my bag and take it out to eat in class. I even have a taco purse and “taco bae” shirt that my friends gave me. They are the best.

Lastly I am. just. awkward. And now since puberty I have just accepted it and fit into my awkwardness. As if it is something you grow into or something.

Abridged version
So yes, Alyssa the awkward, purple-loving, taco eating human being who loves her family, friends, and Taco Bell.

My hair has been purple, green (accident), blond (bleached), purple, pink (accident),purple, rainbow (accident), light brown, and now…
Now I have shorter hair! The ultimate goal is to go all pastel purple! One Day!

Thank you for reading and watching!
-Alyssa Macaranas


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